Zoo Manners

  • Please do not feed or tease the animals. They are on special diets and anything you feed them could make them sick.

  • Many of the animals are still very wild. For safety's sake, please stay behind the guardrails. Please do not reach into exhibits.

  • Please do not throw anything into the exhibits. Even simple objects can be very hazardous if the animals swallow them.

  • Roller skates or roller blades, skateboards, scooters, heelies and bicycles are prohibited in the Zoo.

  • No pets are permitted on Zoo campus with the exception of service animals.

  • Please wear proper attire, including shirts and shoes, when you visit.

  • You can take still photos or videos of the animals and campus for personal use but permission is required for all photos or video filmed for commercial purposes, and must be obtained in advance from the Zoo's Administration Office at 200 Goold Street, Racine WI 53402.

  • Per Racine Municipal Ordinance 70-79, no persons except for police officers and other law enforcement officers are permitted to carry any firearm onto the Zoo campus.