Senior Safaris

Provide an educational and enriching experience at your senior living facility with a live animal program. An experienced Conservation Education Specialist will visit your location with four animal ambassadors from the Zoo for a 45-minute program. These programs are full of up-close encounters with animals and animal artifacts. They also allow seniors the opportunity to share animal related stories with others.

There are several programs to choose from. Meet animal that can be found around the world, or focus in on animals native to the area. You can even build your own program with three week notice to fit the needs of your group. You can find more information on the programs offered by clicking on the Senior Safari Information Sheet below.

Senior Safari Information Sheet

Program pricing is not affected by the number of participants and there is no travel fee for programs within a 50-mile round-trip from the Zoo.

Pricing information:

Mileage  Travel Fee  Total Cost
Within 50-mile round-trip from Zoo  No travel fee  $200.00
50+ mile round-trip away from Zoo $0.67/mile for any miles over 50  $200.00+travel fee


We arrive 10-15 minutes before the scheduled program time to setup. Programs can be booked at any time and any day of year, baring staff availability.


Senior Safari Booking Sheet

For any further questions or to schedule your Senior Safari program, please contact the Conservation Education Department at 262-636-9580 or by email at