Slumber Safari

Sleep Under the Stars at the Racine Zoo!

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2024 Themed Days:

Noises of the Night | Saturday, June 29 – Sunday, June 30, 2024 | 5PM – 9AM

From the haunting calls of owls to the eerie chirps of crickets, the night is alive with a symphony waiting to be heard. Join us for an evening filled with discovery as we listen in to uncover the secrets of the night! Open your ears as we take a guided tour around the zoo and learn about the sounds you might hear as you meet some of our resident animals up-close. It’s going to be a HOOT!


Giants Under the Moonlight | Friday, July 26 – Saturday, July 27, 2024 | 5PM – 9AM

As dusk falls and the moon rises, you will set out on a guided safari expedition through the zoo grounds, where you will encounter African animals in their nocturnal habitat. Learn about the unique adaptations that allow these giants to thrive under the cover of darkness, and gain a deeper understanding of the role they play in their ecosystems through an up-close animal encounter.

Twilight Travelers | Friday, Aug. 23 – Saturday, Aug. 24, 2024 | 5PM – 9AM

From stealthy predators on the prowl to elusive foragers navigating the darkness, the twilight hours are alive with movement and activity. No matter how dark the night may seem, animals of all kinds are on the move! Take a journey with us around the zoo and get a chance to meet some of our animal nomads during an up-close encounter. 

Whoooo's Awake at Night? | Saturday, Sept. 14 – Sunday, Sept. 15, 2024 | 5PM – 9AM

Owls, bats, and big cats! As the sun sets and the stars emerge, the zoo transforms as nocturnal wildlife come alive! Learn how these animals survive and thrive during a guided night hike and animal encounters you won't want to miss. 

About The Experience

Are you looking for a fun, outdoor family event? Look no further than the Racine Zoo’s Slumber Safari! The night begins with entering the Zoo just as we’re closing, setting up your tents while hearing our lion’s nightly roars or our primates end of day calling. Once you’re all set, it’s time to visit an animal for a behind-the-scenes encounter. Then, join your fellow campers at picnic tables to enjoy a pizza dinner, or bring your own food! Each camper will also complete a craft that matches that slumber safari’s theme.
After dinner, the fun continues with a visit from some of our ambassador animals. If that wasn’t enough animal time (and it never is!), your family will then be treated to a late night, themed tour of our Zoo. See how the animals behave differently when our guests are gone and the sun is setting, before wrapping up the night with s’mores around the campfire near our pavilion overlooking Lake Michigan. After a night under the stars in your tent, wrap up with a continental breakfast and enjoy complimentary admission to the Zoo the next day.



Non-Member: $70 per participant

Member: (10% discount) $63 per participant (Discount applies to the same number of admissions covered by your membership maximum.)

Optional Tent Rental: $25 per tent rental (We have both 4 person and 8 person tents)


Pre-registration is required.

  • All payments are non-refundable.
  • All participants must be at least 6 years of age. Guests under 6 may be admitted with special permission, but may not be able to participate in all activities.
  • All registrations must be received no later than the Monday prior to the event by 5:00pm.

For more information or to book a program, please email us at or call (262) 635-7959. All behind-the-scenes encounters subject to change.


Return completed forms to:




Conservation Education Department
Racine Zoo
200 Goold Street
Racine, WI 53402


Want a more personal experience? Ask about our private Slumber Safaris! Minimum 20 guests. Smaller groups are welcome to pay for 20 guests with fewer in attendance. Email or call (262) 635-7959.