Scout Programs


Looking for a unique way for your scouts to earn their badges while having fun? The Zoo offers unforgettable live animal programs specifically tailored by our experienced staff to be engaging, entertaining, and educational! Our experienced staff allow scouts the chance to learn through games, activities, art, and much more! 

We are unable to provide refunds except during extreme circumstances. Thank you for helping us keep our field trips affordable!

What We Offer:

  • 2.5 hours of hands on learning
  • $15.00 per scout (Minimum $150.00)
  • First adult is free! Additional chaperones $6.00/person.
  • Maximum 25 people to ensure each scout has the best possible experience

View Cub Scout Programs

Lion and Tiger Adventures (K-1st grade)

Animal Parade

Learn all about your favorite animal and let your imagination guide you as you march through the Zoo in an animal parade showing off your animal skills. Meet animals from the rainforest up close! Play animal games and learn what we can do to respect animals and their homes.

Adventures Completed: Mountain Lion and Rumble in the Jungle.

Outdoor Explorer

Use your senses to help you discover the natural world around you. Prepare and embark on a guided hike through the Zoo, learning about animals and plants on your way. Experience up close animal encounters and use your creativity to build a birdhouse.

Adventures Completed: My Tiger Jungle and Tigers in the Wild

Wolf and Bear Adventures (2-3rd grade)

Safety in Numbers

It is always important to put safety first, especially when hiking. Learn what is needed to be

prepared for a hike, how to stay safe, and the importance of the buddy system. Meet animals up close and learn about the unique defense mechanism’s they use to help them stay safe. Observe your surroundings and see if you can create a map pointing you in the right direction.

Adventures Completed: Paws on the Path and Call to the Wild

Critter Care

Meet animals that are endangered, observe native wildlife, and identify animal tracks and signs as you hike through the Zoo. Come face to face with animals and learn how zookeepers take care of them. Explore careers that involve animal care and learn what education, experience, and training are required.

Adventures Completed: Fur, Feather, and Ferns and Critter Care

“Webelos” and Arrow of Light Adventures (4-5th grade)

Wild Encounters

Animals are everywhere! Learn about animals that can be found in our own backyards. Meet Wisconsin native animals up close and play animal games to help us learn the importance of every animal in the food chain. Uncover what we can do to protect the balance of nature.

Adventure Completed: Into the Wild

Deep into the Woods

Branch out and expand your knowledge of trees. Learn to identify trees commonly found in our area and label the different parts of a tree. Encounter animals up close that rely on trees for survival. Decorate a pot and plant your own tree.

Adventure Completed: Into the Woods


View Boy Scout Programs

Middle School Boy Scout Badge Opportunities

Feathered Friends

Soar like an eagle through different habitats around the Zoo in search of birds! Learn what birdwatchers look and listen for when identifying birds in the field and how to use binoculars and field guides. Take part in a training session with a bird from the Zoo and meet animals up close that rely on birds for survival. Build a bird feeder to attract birds in your own backyard.

Badge Completed: Bird Study

Mammal Madness

From the tallest giraffe to the smallest chinchilla, explore the Zoo in search of unique mammals that live all around the world! Interact with our animal ambassadors and learn about the unique adaptations that help them survive. Create an exhibit sign for your favorite mammal at the Zoo and present it to the group. Work as a team to find ways to increase mammal populations in our area.

Badge Completed: Mammal Study

Crawling Critters

There are millions of types of insects! See how many species you can find! Create an insect scrapbook showing insects you find while exploring the Zoo. Have up close encounters with insects while learning how to identify different species. Use a magnifying glass to help you locate and label the different parts of an insect and learn about the unique adaptations they have that help them survive.

Badge Completed: Insect Study

High School Boy Scout Badge Opportunities

Hopping Herpetology

Search around the Zoo seeing reptiles and amphibians from all over the world! Meet reptiles and amphibians up close while sketching characteristics used to identify each species. Learn how to identify frogs by the calls they make. Compare reptiles and amphibians and learn about their importance in the nature.

Badge Completed: Reptile and Amphibian Study

Nature in a Nutshell

Nature is all around us! Learn the importance of animals and plants in the food web through games and activities. Sketch key characteristics used to identify different birds, mammals, reptiles, fish and amphibians as you tour the Zoo. Attract wildlife in your own backyard by building a bird house.

Badge Completed: Nature Study

Care for Conservation

Dive into the history of environmental science by creating a timeline as a group. Learn how pollution affects wild animal populations, and interact with animals that are affected by pollution. Develop an environmental action plan for your house and learn how with just a few simple steps we can make a difference.

Badge Completed: Environmental Study


View Girl Scout Programs

Daisy (Grades K-1)

Outdoor Art Maker Badge

Explore the colors and sounds of nature at the zoo with one of our conservation education specialists. Meet some animal ambassadors up close. Use water colors to help create animals you see around the zoo. Share your experiences through songs and pictures!

Eco Learner Badge

Learn ways to protect the environment when going outdoors. Explore the zoo through games, drawings and get up close and personal with animals that call the zoo home. Learn to identify animals near your home and at the zoo.

Brownie (Grades 2-3)

Pets Badge

Become a responsible pet owner. Interact with animal ambassadors from the zoo and learn how each animal is cared for. Create a cozy sleeping space for an animal and create enrichment for animals that live at the zoo. Calculate how much it would cost to own a pet and create a pet budget.

Bug Badge

Bugs are super cool! Explore the zoo hunting for little friends, and learn what makes them extraordinary. Get up close and personal to our insects at the zoo, create bug-themed crafts and create a poster for your favorite bug!

Eco Friend Badge

Hike around in search for nests in the wild and meet some of our zoo animals while learning about the different and super cool homes that they make. Learn what is needed to build a campfire. Design a poster showing ways to care for the environment. Draw or paint pictures of animals at the zoo and learn how we can help protect them.

*Due to safety restrictions at the zoo we are unable to start a fire*

Outdoor Art Creator Badge

Sight is not the only sense we use when creating art! Use all your senses to help draw pictures throughout the zoo. Zoom into nature and observe through a magnify glass. Create crafts using items found in nature and meet animals up close that also create art at the zoo.

Junior (Grades 4-5)

Animals Habitat Badge

Learn about animals at the zoo through experiences like exploring and up close animal encounters. Observe native wildlife on a hike and travel through different endangered habitats while learning about the animals that live in them. Create your own animal habitat using boxes, clay, and other fun craft supplies!

Outdoor Art Explorers Badge

There is art everywhere you look! Travel around the zoo in search of art and meet our artistic animal ambassadors. Listen for sounds and create them yourself with items found in nature. Let nature be your guide as you use your creativity to make an outdoor project.

Cadette (Grades 6-8)

Animal Helpers Badge

Do animals help you in your daily life? Explore the many connections between humans and animals! Learn how animals keep people safe, help people emotionally, and help people with disabilities. Meet animals up close that help us and discuss how animals might help us in the future.

Outdoor Art Apprentice Badge

Explore the work of artists inspired by nature and use different tools to mimic sounds heard innature. Meet animals up close that also love to paint! Draw the animals you find around the zoo and learn how some animals use color to help them survive.

Tree Badge

Embrace your inter tree hugger! Join us to learn all about trees. Design your dream tree house and capture the beauty of trees on paper. Meet animals that spend their time in the trees and dig into the pros and cons of logging, clear cutting, and deforestation.

Senior (Grades 9-10)

Voice for Animals Badge

Meet some animals often associated with the pet industry and discuss the positive and negative sides of having animals as pets. Dive into the complex relationships between animals and humans and investigate animals used for science, sports, husbandry, and domestic animals to create a better understanding of animal issues worldwide.

Eco Explorer Badge

Meet a conservationist from the zoo. Learn about newly discovered, invasive, and endangered species and meet some firsthand. Research success stories of animals brought back from the brink of extinction!

Outdoor Art Expert Badge

Did you know there is art displayed all over the zoo? Explore the zoo and see how many pieces of art you can find. Clean up the environment by collecting trash and use it to create art. Test your skills and create art relying only on sounds. Meet animals that create super cool sounds!

Ambassador (Grades 11-12)

Eco Advocate Badge

Meet with one of our conservation education specialists to discuss different environmental issues facing the world today. Come up with solutions and explore ways to make a difference. Meet animals up close that are severely impacted by a changing environment and learn how to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Water Badge

Dive deep into water! Learn about water issues facing the world and explore solutions to our water crisis. Meet some animals that rely on our water systems to survive and create your own water art.

Outdoor Art Master Badge

Explore the zoo and learn unique ways to create sculptures and music using things found in nature. Visit with animal ambassadors, and discuss the power of art to convey messages related to the environment.


If you are interested in booking a scout program please fill out the Scout Program Booking Sheet. You can also reach us at or by phone at (262) 636-9580 to discuss your program! All programs are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis, so book today! Please give us at least two weeks notice for the day you would like your program.

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