Pride Month Apparel

On Sale: June 1 – June 7, 2023

At the Racine Zoo, we take PRIDE in being a place where everyone can live out loud! Azizi and Zuri, the African lions that call the Zoo home, are certainly no exception. Their mighty roars can be heard up to five miles away! Lions are the most social of any cat species, living in prides of up to 40 members. Within these prides, lions work together to find food, raise their young, and keep each other safe.
We had Zuri's help this year designing apparel that shows our support for all members of our Racine Zoo pride. Zuri is always enthusiastic about participating in training sessions with keepers, and is quite the artist as well! You can order your own Racine Zoo pride apparel that features her paw prints at the button below!
We have short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, and sweatshirts for youth and adults! Plus, a 5" decal is also available!
No orders will be accepted after the deadline. All mailed orders will be mailed at the end of June. All pickup orders will be available at the Racine Zoo starting 6/20. You will be contacted about specific pickup times.