#GivingZOOday, in partnership with #GivingTuesday, is about the impact zoos and aquariums have on their communities by engaging visitors to be stewards of the environment and saving species from extinction. It's also about how these institutions give back by mentoring their staff and volunteers to support a wide range of causes. This year, we would like to ask you to reach out your hearts and help the Racine Zoo make a difference.


Our Animal Care Department provides essential daily and veterinary care to over 300 animals and 75 different species that call Racine Zoo home. Just like you, our animals need to eat and have dentist visits! Each animal requires unique care and enrichment as well as proactive care to live long healthy lives. We are excited to announce plans are in the making for a new vet center to be built on Zoo campus. This facility will allow us to be even better equipped to provide vital care to our animals. As a nonprofit, the price tag is steep for the special care our animals require.


Help us maintain our "gold standard" in the zoological community. The Racine Zoo is accredited by the Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA). We are one of only 241 zoos accredited by AZA. Fewer than 10% of the approximately 2,800 animal exhibitors licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture are AZA accredited. Accreditation is a process by which a program, organization, or institution is evaluated by recognized experts in the profession, and is measured against the established standards and best practices of that profession. Overseeing this process in AZA is the Accreditation Commission—a group of experienced and trained experts in operations, animal welfare and husbandry, and veterinary medicine. With your help, we can continue the best practices in animal care.


In addition to animal care, we strive to educate about and conserve wildlife and wild places. Our Conservation Education Department delivers children of all ages and backgrounds a comprehensive education on wildlife conservation through engaging and inspiring animal interactions and activities. We connect with the community through our preschool, summer camp, scouts, field trips, and school programs year round. Donors play a crucial role to keep our 98-year-old zoo running. Through the generous support of the community, our zoo can continue to create new experiences and memories for guests of all ages for years to come.


Our goal for #GivingZOOday is to raise much needed funds for the Zoo. Will you help us make this possible? Show your love and support through a donation. A gift of any size makes a difference.


Your donation will go TWICE AS FAR! Every donated dollar up to $5,000 will be matched by the RUUD Family Foundation. Thank you to this wonderful Zoo patron.


Donate online below or mail your donation check to the Racine Zoo at 200 Goold Street, Racine, WI 53402. All donations are tax deductible in accordance with the IRS Tax Code.



A sincerest thank you for your consideration from all the animals and staff at the Racine Zoo during these uncertain times. Your incredible kindness will go a long way.



How will your donation directly help our animals?


Help keep our animals fed!


Support vital veterinary care!

Our animals require proactive care, such as checkups and dental care. We also provide more intense care for those animals with greater needs. Diamond, the Andean bear, was diagnosed this year with skin cancer. Since that time, we have consulted on Diamond’s case with experts around the country to ensure he receives the best possible care. Last Christmas, we welcomed a new zebra foal into the family. It required the skills of keepers and veterinarians working around the clock to make sure we had a smooth delivery! Almost a year later, we have a happy, healthy boy enjoying time with his parents. Your support will help us continue our "gold standard" of care.


How will your donation support conservation education?

We believe strongly in helping to improve the lives of youth through education, especially those in extremely low-income families, as well as promoting a connection to nature and a sense of place. Through our various programs, we have been able to bring enriching and educational programs to build a connection between families and their environment. Studies have shown that incorporating live animal programs from zoos and aquariums has significant, measurable impacts on children’s learning and retention of information. Your gift helps us continue our creative efforts of educating and bringing new experiences to our community. 

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