Animal Crackers Jr. Beverage & Dining Options


Racine Zoo Beverage Oasis

Item Tickets
Bottle of Wine 15
Glass of Wine 6
16 oz Beer 5
Bucket of Beer (6 Beers) 25
Specialty Beer 5
Single Mixed Drink 6
Double Mixed Drink 9
High Noon 6
White Claw 5
Buck of White Claws (6 Claws) 25
Soda 2
Water 3


Racine Zoo Snacks

Item Tickets
Snacks 2
Popcorn 3



*The municipal ordinance states that persons are not allowed to carry in any alcohol beverages. All bags or coolers brought into the Racine Zoo will be searched. Beverages, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, are available for purchase on concert grounds. Proof of age for alcoholic beverage purchases is required.