We have a variety of ways to commemorate friends and loved ones wihtin the Racine Zoo campus including the following:

Personalized Bricks

Create a lasting impression as a gift or in memory of a friend or loved one.  Your brick will leave a permanent message for all to see in the brick walkways throughout the Zoo.

More Information on Buying a Brick


Personalized Zoo Bench

The Racine Zoo sites on 25 beautiful acres of land.  We need comfortable areas to give our guests relief from tired legs and feet.  Benches are strategically located throughout the Zoo, giving guests some of the most scenic views on campus so they can fully experience the tranquility of the site. 


You can have your name or the name of a loved one engraved on a plaque that will be affixed to your own Racine Zoo bench for the community to see and enjoy for decades to come.

Call 262.636.9312 or e-mail for more information.