Distance Learning


Experience the Zoo and interact with animals like never before. Through Zoom, an online live video chat, the Zoo offers educational animal programs with a twist. Meet animals that call the Zoo home and ask questions, speaking directly with an experienced Conservation Education Specialist. 

These online live video programs are for all ages, and are great for anyone looking to enhance their knowledge of animals. Families, classes, assisted living communities, homeschool groups, and much more can benefit from this experience. 

There are lots of fun programs to choose from, and programs can be customized to cover a specific concept, topic or vocabulary. To see a list of all the programs offered, check out our Distance Learning Information Sheet attached below. Meet animals from all over the world up close and learn what makes each animal so unique, and how they can survive, or dive into the daily routine of a Zookeeper and learn how zoos can take care of so many animals. We are sure there is a program for everyone.

We offer these programs for all attention spans with mini 20-25-minute programs and larger 40-45-minute programs. We also have animal chat programs that allow participates to learn about some of the larger animals that call the zoo home. A primate chat, bird of prey chat, big cat chat, and African safari chat are available. Each program can accomodate a maximum of 99 screens.


Distance Learning Pricing: For any size audience.

Program Type Length Cost
Animal Chat 20 – 25 minutes $60
Two Animal 20 – 25 minutes $60
Four Animal 40 – 45 minutes $100


Distance Learning Booking Sheet
Distance Learning Information Sheet 

To learn more, or to schedule your Distance Learning Program, please contact the Conservation Education Department at 262-636-9580 or by email at education@racinezoo.org. Two weeks’ notice is required when booking all programs.

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